Its just a matter of style


Lino Leluzzi became a trendsetting icon through his ownership of the Italian haberdashery Albazar Boutique in Milan. Many would think this is passion for fashion on the highest level. But it is more than that. The truth is Lino Leluzzi has a wide dimensioned consideration of the reality in the fashion world, because the icon Leluzzi defines in a philosophic way, that its just a matter of style. According to Leluzzi: “Style is not fashion, its something we have inside”. However evnethough its just a matter of style and not fashion, there is a passion for fashion somehow in Leluzzis time, as he has been creating a fun environment in Milan with clients and collaborating companies in the fashion world providing unique quality.

The style of icon Leluzzi can put on a smile on every man, as Albazar is focusing on material refinement and quality. Its original with the Leluzzi 7 style – a line from Leluzzi where he puts on the remarkable 7 number on the clothing. No doubt that Leluzzis lucky number is 7. As a fact Leluzzi`s birthday is the 7th of October. Therefore Leluzzi invented the 7 style as seen in the following picture


Nowadays Leluzzis ties, with the fine hand empbroidered seven number, are world famous. The rise to fame for Leluzzi and the 7 style came with Pitti Uomo, the worldshowing platform for menswear and accessories, because Scott Schuman from “The Sartorialist” wrote about the elements of Leluzzi, when he met Leluzzi at Pitti Uomo in Florence. So now the adventure continues for one of the worlds leading style icons. Its just a matter of style.



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