We get blessings from scam mails

Us who work for God the Almighty are lucky people. According to an email I have been given 8,5 m Euros. Or not? It looks like it is a socalled advance-fee scam – a type of confidence trick. In my case I have been offered a large sum of money (8,5 m Euros) for being working well for God the Almighty.

Nice to know I am such a good boy who works in Gods best interest. But the truth is, I dont know this woman who sent this email to me. If I try to claim the money the fraudster could try to cheat me for money, because according to FBI, the fraudster will claim money and the victim receives little or nothing in return.

Here I could say, I am happy with being one of the hardworking boardmembers of God The Almighty. However the woman who writes me do not know me at all besides from social medias. Where she had my emailadress from is a wonder, eventhough some people now and then send scam mails. Afterall I can only think this mail is scam, when people I dont know offer me 8,5 m Euros. Its unreal. Ones email could by the way sometimes be found om the net. Sometimes they can even Guess your email. For instance oleesmark@hotmail.com.

So what shall we do when we are mailed with scam mails? Well the adjacent thing to do could be to write back and ask: ”Do you not have more money to send?”, but as we do know the content is a scam mail, we shouldnt send anything back. Just ignorere the scam mail. Thats how we should deal with the blessings from scam mails. Dont go to the Police, they have enough to do these days. Relax! if we know IT is a scam mail we might have executed the danger. We are in Gods hands.

In the end I really hope we all will have donations at 8,5 m Euros. In God hands everyone can have scam mails. Even Gods best children. May All your pain be champagne.

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