In the footsteps of James Bond


If we ever shall find James Bond in the real world, the best place to start is at Dukes Bar at Dukes Hotel in London, where icon writer and the inventor of James Bond, Ian Fleming, used to drink his Martinis. Dukes Hotel is located in London at St. James only a five minute walk from Buckingham Palace. At Dukes Bar the bar team are specialists in serving The Vespers and other excellent cocktails. The Vesper is the Martini invented by James Bond in the novel “Casino Royale”. It also appears in the movie with the same name. A Vesper shall according to James Bond be very well shaken containing gin, vodka, Kina Lillet and a slice of lemon. At Dukes Bar we can hear all the background stories about the Vesper, and why Bond wanted his favorite cocktail this way. So this is how we meet the James Bond universe at Dukes Bar.


According to legendary barman Alessandro Palazzi at Dukes Bar the best parts of Dukes Bar are the atmosphere, the drinks and the customers. Palazzi was born to be a bartender and will die as a bartender, eventhough we hope he is larger than life and will live forever just as James Bond himself. The fact is Palazzi`s philosophy might live on forever at Dukes Bar, as Palazzi`s philosophy is to give something good for the customer. Future barmen at Dukes Hotel might convert this tradition to future.

In the shadow of James Bond, Palazzi is the light himself, because he loves everyday as he gets paid to party just like James Bond himself. So we can say the icon from Dukes Hotel, Alessandro Palazzi, follows in the footsteps of James Bond himself by partying every day at a fashionable bar and getting paid to party. Personally I would enjoy a night out at Dukes Bar with Sean Connery, Ian Fleming and Alessandro Palazzi in the footsteps of James Bond

The painting of Ian Fleming, Alessandro Palazzi and James Bond/Sean Connery in this blog post is made by Rene Porter Fine Art. You find Rene Porter at

You find Dukes Bar and Dukes Hotel at

You find Alessandro Palazzi at

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