The spirit of perfection


Perfection is a fundamental spirit for Rolls-Royce as the founders of Rolls-Royce had the goal to create the best car in the world. Perfection is also DNA for the makers of Rolls-Royce today as the design philosophy is to make the imagined to reality. From the beginning we know Rolls-Royce has been in search for going forward as the famous “Spirit of Ecstasy” is a woman leaning forwards against the future with her wings stretched out.

The story of Rolls-Royce started with Frederick Henry Royce´s car. Royce made maybe the most powerful car in the world in 1904, whereafter Charles Rolls contacted Royce and it ended in a partnership with the great name Rolls-Royce.

In first and second World War Rolls-Royce became famous for making engines to the airplanes here among to the outstanding Spitfire-models. In the world of today Rolls-Royce are still famous for making engines for airplanes to Boeing and Airbus.


From 1931 Rolls-Royce became the owner of Bentley. Nowadays Bentley is owned by Volkswagen and Rolls-Royce is owned by BMW Group. However for around 70 years the eye could catch more or less the same dreams from both Rolls-Royce and Bentley as the cars from the two companies were very much alike.

In the 1950s Rolls-Royce was in line for exposing The Royal Family of Great Britain in cars from Rolls-Royce and many other famous people followed up in the 1960s including the new born rockstars.


In 2018 the journey with “The Spirit Of Ecstasy” continues with a new luxury SUV the Rolls-Royce Cullinan – the first SUV made by Rolls-Royce. The Cullinan is named after the Cullinan diamond – the largest gem-quality diamond people ever have discovered. So “The Spirit Of Ecstasy” comes to live in one life with many lifestyles. This is also the case for the spirit and search after perfection with focus on making the imagined to reality in the production of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood Plant in West Sussex.

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How cigars turned Churchills life


Many cigar smokers around the world know Sir Winston Churchill had the most passionate love for cigars. Maybe the most well-known quote from the former Prime Minister Churchill in this perspective is: “Smoking cigars is like falling in love. First, you are attracted by its shape; you stay for its flavor, and you must always remember never, never to let the flame go out”. So here we can notice, how enormous Churchills love for cigars was.

The cigars was actually a part of Churchills working etiquette, because on 19th September 1941, we had distinct differences between the Chiefs of Staff on how much military Britain could afford to send to the Soviet Union, whereafter Sir Winston Churchill ordered all men out and smoke cigars. This resulted in a constructive solution with agreement from everyone at the meeting in Downing Street.


The great journey of Sir Winston Churchill has indeed been with cigars as in the early days of World War II, where a Dunhill shop was bombed. The Dunhill manager sent the following message to Sir Winston Churchill : “Your cigars are safe, Sir”. It was of course important, that people were safe, however it was also important for the Dunhill manager, that the cigars were safe.


Today we know that the cigars followed Churchill on his great journey as many cigar smokers are familiar with “Churchill cigars”. A Churchill cigar has a ring gauge (the cylindrical ring) of at least 47 (18,7 mm) and it measures at least 6 3/4 inches (around 17 centimeters).

Last year a half cigar from 11th May 1947 was sold for 12.000 US Dollars. The reason: Churchill smoked this cigar on this day in Paris. The cigar was from the “La Corona” brand from Habana in Cuba. It had Churchills name on it and therefore it might has been one of the first “Churchills”. According to Cigar Afficionado magazine it is unsure where the “Churchill” size arise from. No matter what the Churchill Romeo y Julieta cigars appeared in the 1950s and maybe also in the 1940s.


According to GQ Magazine Churchills favorite cigar brand was Romeo y Julieta. Romeo y Julieta has its name after Shakespeares tragedy. Somehow Churchills journey didn’t ended as a tragedy as he became 90 years old with his own life formula: “I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in two-hundred-percent form”. So maybe cigars really can turn our life.


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Dancing on volcanos


Us who follow the big scenes of social medias have known Gianluca Vacchi for years. He became famous on Instagram with his dancing videos, where we get the feeling that this man can dance on volcanos and make it look fun. Truly a real and fun daredevil.

After he became an icon of the social medias, Gianlucca Vacchi has followed his dreams into the music industry as a DJ and have already started his own production with hits as “Viento” and “Sigamos bailando”, so Gianluca Vacchi´s line with living the dream has just begun.


The future will tell if living the dream is fun. However Vacchi explains: “At 45 I realised that the world didn’t have anything to give me anymore. I’m not interested in accumulating money at all any more, I’m only interested in what’s moving my curiosity”.

Gianluca Vacchi has been working in the family business for 20 years, since he was 25 years old, whereafter time is changing for the 51-yeared old Gianluca, because the time of now is about to moving the curiosity. We can only hope Gianlucca Vacchi can move his own curiosity as a DJ and internet icon, because in recent years Vacchi has moved the curiosity for millions of people on social medias with his dancing on volcanos as a daredevil and electric impresario.

Read more about Gianluca Vacchi at

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In the footsteps of James Bond


If we ever shall find James Bond in the real world, the best place to start is at Dukes Bar at Dukes Hotel in London, where icon writer and the inventor of James Bond, Ian Fleming, used to drink his Martinis. Dukes Hotel is located in London at St. James only a five minute walk from Buckingham Palace. At Dukes Bar the bar team are specialists in serving The Vespers and other excellent cocktails. The Vesper is the Martini invented by James Bond in the novel “Casino Royale”. It also appears in the movie with the same name. A Vesper shall according to James Bond be very well shaken containing gin, vodka, Kina Lillet and a slice of lemon. At Dukes Bar we can hear all the background stories about the Vesper, and why Bond wanted his favorite cocktail this way. So this is how we meet the James Bond universe at Dukes Bar.


According to legendary barman Alessandro Palazzi at Dukes Bar the best parts of Dukes Bar are the atmosphere, the drinks and the customers. Palazzi was born to be a bartender and will die as a bartender, eventhough we hope he is larger than life and will live forever just as James Bond himself. The fact is Palazzi`s philosophy might live on forever at Dukes Bar, as Palazzi`s philosophy is to give something good for the customer. Future barmen at Dukes Hotel might convert this tradition to future.

In the shadow of James Bond, Palazzi is the light himself, because he loves everyday as he gets paid to party just like James Bond himself. So we can say the icon from Dukes Hotel, Alessandro Palazzi, follows in the footsteps of James Bond himself by partying every day at a fashionable bar and getting paid to party. Personally I would enjoy a night out at Dukes Bar with Sean Connery, Ian Fleming and Alessandro Palazzi in the footsteps of James Bond

The painting of Ian Fleming, Alessandro Palazzi and James Bond/Sean Connery in this blog post is made by Rene Porter Fine Art. You find Rene Porter at

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Its just a matter of style


Lino Leluzzi became a trendsetting icon through his ownership of the Italian haberdashery Albazar Boutique in Milan. Many would think this is passion for fashion on the highest level. But it is more than that. The truth is Lino Leluzzi has a wide dimensioned consideration of the reality in the fashion world, because the icon Leluzzi defines in a philosophic way, that its just a matter of style. According to Leluzzi: “Style is not fashion, its something we have inside”. However evnethough its just a matter of style and not fashion, there is a passion for fashion somehow in Leluzzis time, as he has been creating a fun environment in Milan with clients and collaborating companies in the fashion world providing unique quality.

The style of icon Leluzzi can put on a smile on every man, as Albazar is focusing on material refinement and quality. Its original with the Leluzzi 7 style – a line from Leluzzi where he puts on the remarkable 7 number on the clothing. No doubt that Leluzzis lucky number is 7. As a fact Leluzzi`s birthday is the 7th of October. Therefore Leluzzi invented the 7 style as seen in the following picture


Nowadays Leluzzis ties, with the fine hand empbroidered seven number, are world famous. The rise to fame for Leluzzi and the 7 style came with Pitti Uomo, the worldshowing platform for menswear and accessories, because Scott Schuman from “The Sartorialist” wrote about the elements of Leluzzi, when he met Leluzzi at Pitti Uomo in Florence. So now the adventure continues for one of the worlds leading style icons. Its just a matter of style.



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For further information look at – where you find one of the worlds best haberdasheries online.

We get blessings from scam mails

Us who work for God the Almighty are lucky people. According to an email I have been given 8,5 m Euros. Or not? It looks like it is a socalled advance-fee scam – a type of confidence trick. In my case I have been offered a large sum of money (8,5 m Euros) for being working well for God the Almighty.

Nice to know I am such a good boy who works in Gods best interest. But the truth is, I dont know this woman who sent this email to me. If I try to claim the money the fraudster could try to cheat me for money, because according to FBI, the fraudster will claim money and the victim receives little or nothing in return.

Here I could say, I am happy with being one of the hardworking boardmembers of God The Almighty. However the woman who writes me do not know me at all besides from social medias. Where she had my emailadress from is a wonder, eventhough some people now and then send scam mails. Afterall I can only think this mail is scam, when people I dont know offer me 8,5 m Euros. Its unreal. Ones email could by the way sometimes be found om the net. Sometimes they can even Guess your email. For instance

So what shall we do when we are mailed with scam mails? Well the adjacent thing to do could be to write back and ask: ”Do you not have more money to send?”, but as we do know the content is a scam mail, we shouldnt send anything back. Just ignorere the scam mail. Thats how we should deal with the blessings from scam mails. Dont go to the Police, they have enough to do these days. Relax! if we know IT is a scam mail we might have executed the danger. We are in Gods hands.

In the end I really hope we all will have donations at 8,5 m Euros. In God hands everyone can have scam mails. Even Gods best children. May All your pain be champagne.

The truth about Instagram and social medias

Today I started wondering: “How can I boost my followers number on Instagram (IG) beside from having a blog or having a facebook?” – the truth is we can all make fake news buying the followers we need just by searching on Google. The number of followers can soon erase, which will be total fake news, as we can buy 1000s of followers based on a simple Google-search. Now I am astonished! With just a little typing, maybe in 10 hours, on our smartphone we can be on the way to have as many followers as Kim Kardashian. So who will be the OG (Original Gangster) in the future based on followers on IG? And who was it in the past? Its hard to know as it has been possible to boost our IG-followers for years creating the possibility for fake news. As a fact you can boost all follower or friend numbers in the world wide web just by buying it on the net. I am not saying Kim Kardashian is cheating, I am just saying the possibility for increasing your folllowers to a number in Kylie Jenners or Kardashians world is tremendous. Somehow the leading IT-girls could be OGs as they can steal our hearts like original gangsters.

Eventhough the possibility for fake news is huge I still love Instagram as I have at least 3000 good friends, brothers or OGs here, so to me it wont change much that everyone can boost their following numbers to 112 millions like in Kylie Jenners account. However it must change the world for companies all over the world sooner or later. They cant base their marketing on people or other companies with influencers with bought numbers of followers or can they? Well I think if people or companies make a great impression on IG or Facebook it must be easy to see. IG has an advantage in being attractive, when we shall show our best pictures, selfies etc, because it is so easy setting up the perfect picture. But what we now know is that we can meet fake news everywhere, because soon the 3D line will conquer our minds and all stories can be made. Therefore the truth about IG and social medias is it can be used for fake news, but we must also admirer IG and social medias for being outstanding, when it comes to our presentation. The truth is social medias have an impressive future.

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Find room in perfume

Which perfume should we wear these days? In old days one of the all time greatest trendsetters Christian Dior said: “A womans perfume tells more about her than her handwriting”. So time have build huge expectations for women, when she shall pick her perfume. As a matter fact Coco Chanel also stole the picture speaking of setting up the expectations for women, because Chanel said: “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable ultimate accessory”.

In general 80% of men are not using a fragrance according to Real Men Real Style (RMRS), whereafter the colourfull words made by Dior and Chanel above about using perfume are not really working on men. The male segment can be more like Homer Simpson; Women would not ever walk without a scent of perfume. However men are from Mars and women are from Venus as John Gray wrote trying to connecting each gender.

Eventhough we, the men, are not open for listening, we should listen once in a while, because fragrance can help you – as a fact the biggest mistake you can make as a man is not using a fragrance at all. Personally I beside the deodorant customarily use after shave and sometimes Eau De Toilette, eventhough I would skip the Eau De Toilette for a funeral or a wedding (if it was not my own wedding). Jean Paul Gaultier said: “Perfume is the most intense form of memory”. Therefore we should all use a fragrance, but we shall use it with care. If a man shows up at a wedding smelling to much of floral or sweet perfume it is not correct. At a wedding our company must be more decent.

Picking the right perfume can be done just as in “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” – you can call a friend or ask a perfume salesperson. In this matter we should also think about which price can we pay? It is typically this way: The higher the price, the better is the scent concentration in the perfume. The most expensive ones often last longer. But we do not have to pick the most expensive perfume just in case. Thinking of own style can help us, maybe there is an old brand we just need to have or maybe there is this new one we just need to have. Personally I often prefer the classical perfume brands as we normally know what we pay for. I stick to brands as YSL and Dior, because I find a nice line in time with these brands. I had my first YSL aftershave back in 1991. It was called Jazz and I loved it, eventhough it smells a bit too 90s today. So today I among others use Y from YSL, it’s a bit fresh and more adjusted to our modern time.

My advice on finding room in perfume must overall be to use our own language in search for style, scent and price.

James Bond – larger than life


We have all seen the actionpacked movies about James Bond, where at least something is crashed – people or cars. We also remember how Bond always surrender after being hunted down, whereafter we find Bond larger than life at least somehow. So how can the people behind the Bond-movies take Bond to the next level?

For many years ago in London I bought my first James Bond novel “For your eyes only”. In this outstanding novel Barry Eisler wrote a fine foreword for “For your eyes only”. In this foreword Eisler questions who really knows James Bond.

We all know James Bond – Or do we? According to Barry Eisler you have to read the books by Ian Fleming to find what goes underneath the suave surface of a legend like James Bond. In “For your eyes only” you find, James Bond is larger than live, because James Bond always surrender.

We also find this “larger than life line” in the modern times movies where Daniel Craig as James Bond is making the action scenes. I have a flash back from the 2006 Bond-movie “Casino Royale” where Daniel Craig as Bond smashes Darwin Shaw in a toilet. The Daniel Craig version of James Bond can therefore also be a superhero almost like Superman or Batman enduced with a black tie rolled in a british flag.

The enduce of Bond to a superman in a black tie rolled in the Union Jack with a Vodka Martini can be the next level of Bond, because Daniel Craig is still the face of James Bond in the next movie, as Daniel Craig revealed the possibility of being the next James Bond to Stephen Colbert in “The Late Show” in august 2017. Bond 25, Daniel Craig’s 5th outing as 007, will be directed Danny Boyle from an original screenplay by Academy Award nominee John Hodge. Production is set to begin on 3 December 2018. MGM will partner with Universal Pictures to release the film worldwide. Therefore is the interpretation of the “Daniel Craig styled” James Bond continuing. Many would say that Daniel Craig is not really rough enough to be the modern dare devil, but if we take a look at the “smashing toilet scene” from “Casino Royale” again, we will find the actionman we need for actionpacked James Bond scenarios.

I hope the people behind the James Bond movies will keep it classic in the years to come. Use the things from the Bond books and the old movies including titles, persons and environments. I think the team behind Bond did this with excellence in “Casino Royale” – a film based on the Ian Fleming novel with the same name. It would be nice to see a Felix Leiter in James Bond again. However it is sad that all Ian Flemings books have been used in the movies as we need Flemings expertise and style in the movies. But the people behind the Bond movies can still catch stardust from Flemings excellent work and with right combination between humour, action and classical Bond issues – the Bond movie will be taken to the next level in the best way.

Bond, James Bond will with Daniel Craig be larger than life for the years to come. Now lets have a Vodka Martini , Shaken, not stirred. Personally I would like it with a good cigar.


Time for a Talisman

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Review: Cohiba Talisman Limited edition 2017


These days People have been making money on bitcoins, but if we shall find gold elsewhere, we could take a look at the Cohiba Talisman Limited edition 2017 cigar. The Cohiba name comes from the first original people of the island of Cuba, the Taíno Indians, who used the word “Cohiba” to define the rolled tobacco. IT was Christopher Columbus who discovered this in Cuba in 1492. The Talismán name is magical and in many languages it means good luck and protection to mankind.

Flavor: Medium to full bodied.

This cigar in the picture, the Cohiba Talisman 2017 Limited edition, was the cigar I looked most forward to in 2017, so here it is. The cigar has aged for at least two years and I liked smoking the Talisman from Cohiba. I think it is a friendly cigar as it is not so strong as you might expect. It is actually medium and with a great stability in its flavor. flavors of coffee and leather appears slightly. There is a nice sweetness on the finish as well. While in the Second and final third I experienced awesome complexity- a sweet little mystery. Great Work Cohiba. With this Talisman I wish good luck and protection for all. May you All find your kind of Bitcoin or Talisman 🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬