The truth about Instagram and social medias

Today I started wondering: “How can I boost my followers number on Instagram (IG) beside from having a blog or having a facebook?” – the truth is we can all make fake news buying the followers we need just by searching on Google. The number of followers can soon erase, which will be total fake news, as we can buy 1000s of followers based on a simple Google-search. Now I am astonished! With just a little typing, maybe in 10 hours, on our smartphone we can be on the way to have as many followers as Kim Kardashian. So who will be the OG (Original Gangster) in the future based on followers on IG? And who was it in the past? Its hard to know as it has been possible to boost our IG-followers for years creating the possibility for fake news. As a fact you can boost all follower or friend numbers in the world wide web just by buying it on the net. I am not saying Kim Kardashian is cheating, I am just saying the possibility for increasing your folllowers to a number in Kylie Jenners or Kardashians world is tremendous. Somehow the leading IT-girls could be OGs as they can steal our hearts like original gangsters.

Eventhough the possibility for fake news is huge I still love Instagram as I have at least 3000 good friends, brothers or OGs here, so to me it wont change much that everyone can boost their following numbers to 112 millions like in Kylie Jenners account. However it must change the world for companies all over the world sooner or later. They cant base their marketing on people or other companies with influencers with bought numbers of followers or can they? Well I think if people or companies make a great impression on IG or Facebook it must be easy to see. IG has an advantage in being attractive, when we shall show our best pictures, selfies etc, because it is so easy setting up the perfect picture. But what we now know is that we can meet fake news everywhere, because soon the 3D line will conquer our minds and all stories can be made. Therefore the truth about IG and social medias is it can be used for fake news, but we must also admirer IG and social medias for being outstanding, when it comes to our presentation. The truth is social medias have an impressive future.

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