Find room in perfume

Which perfume should we wear these days? In old days one of the all time greatest trendsetters Christian Dior said: “A womans perfume tells more about her than her handwriting”. So time have build huge expectations for women, when she shall pick her perfume. As a matter fact Coco Chanel also stole the picture speaking of setting up the expectations for women, because Chanel said: “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable ultimate accessory”.

In general 80% of men are not using a fragrance according to Real Men Real Style (RMRS), whereafter the colourfull words made by Dior and Chanel above about using perfume are not really working on men. The male segment can be more like Homer Simpson; Women would not ever walk without a scent of perfume. However men are from Mars and women are from Venus as John Gray wrote trying to connecting each gender.

Eventhough we, the men, are not open for listening, we should listen once in a while, because fragrance can help you – as a fact the biggest mistake you can make as a man is not using a fragrance at all. Personally I beside the deodorant customarily use after shave and sometimes Eau De Toilette, eventhough I would skip the Eau De Toilette for a funeral or a wedding (if it was not my own wedding). Jean Paul Gaultier said: “Perfume is the most intense form of memory”. Therefore we should all use a fragrance, but we shall use it with care. If a man shows up at a wedding smelling to much of floral or sweet perfume it is not correct. At a wedding our company must be more decent.

Picking the right perfume can be done just as in “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” – you can call a friend or ask a perfume salesperson. In this matter we should also think about which price can we pay? It is typically this way: The higher the price, the better is the scent concentration in the perfume. The most expensive ones often last longer. But we do not have to pick the most expensive perfume just in case. Thinking of own style can help us, maybe there is an old brand we just need to have or maybe there is this new one we just need to have. Personally I often prefer the classical perfume brands as we normally know what we pay for. I stick to brands as YSL and Dior, because I find a nice line in time with these brands. I had my first YSL aftershave back in 1991. It was called Jazz and I loved it, eventhough it smells a bit too 90s today. So today I among others use Y from YSL, it’s a bit fresh and more adjusted to our modern time.

My advice on finding room in perfume must overall be to use our own language in search for style, scent and price.

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