James Bond – larger than life


We have all seen the actionpacked movies about James Bond, where at least something is crashed – people or cars. We also remember how Bond always surrender after being hunted down, whereafter we find Bond larger than life at least somehow. So how can the people behind the Bond-movies take Bond to the next level?

For many years ago in London I bought my first James Bond novel “For your eyes only”. In this outstanding novel Barry Eisler wrote a fine foreword for “For your eyes only”. In this foreword Eisler questions who really knows James Bond.

We all know James Bond – Or do we? According to Barry Eisler you have to read the books by Ian Fleming to find what goes underneath the suave surface of a legend like James Bond. In “For your eyes only” you find, James Bond is larger than live, because James Bond always surrender.

We also find this “larger than life line” in the modern times movies where Daniel Craig as James Bond is making the action scenes. I have a flash back from the 2006 Bond-movie “Casino Royale” where Daniel Craig as Bond smashes Darwin Shaw in a toilet. The Daniel Craig version of James Bond can therefore also be a superhero almost like Superman or Batman enduced with a black tie rolled in a british flag.

The enduce of Bond to a superman in a black tie rolled in the Union Jack with a Vodka Martini can be the next level of Bond, because Daniel Craig is still the face of James Bond in the next movie, as Daniel Craig revealed the possibility of being the next James Bond to Stephen Colbert in “The Late Show” in august 2017. Bond 25, Daniel Craig’s 5th outing as 007, will be directed Danny Boyle from an original screenplay by Academy Award nominee John Hodge. Production is set to begin on 3 December 2018. MGM will partner with Universal Pictures to release the film worldwide. Therefore is the interpretation of the “Daniel Craig styled” James Bond continuing. Many would say that Daniel Craig is not really rough enough to be the modern dare devil, but if we take a look at the “smashing toilet scene” from “Casino Royale” again, we will find the actionman we need for actionpacked James Bond scenarios.

I hope the people behind the James Bond movies will keep it classic in the years to come. Use the things from the Bond books and the old movies including titles, persons and environments. I think the team behind Bond did this with excellence in “Casino Royale” – a film based on the Ian Fleming novel with the same name. It would be nice to see a Felix Leiter in James Bond again. However it is sad that all Ian Flemings books have been used in the movies as we need Flemings expertise and style in the movies. But the people behind the Bond movies can still catch stardust from Flemings excellent work and with right combination between humour, action and classical Bond issues – the Bond movie will be taken to the next level in the best way.

Bond, James Bond will with Daniel Craig be larger than life for the years to come. Now lets have a Vodka Martini , Shaken, not stirred. Personally I would like it with a good cigar.


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