Time for a Talisman

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Review: Cohiba Talisman Limited edition 2017


These days People have been making money on bitcoins, but if we shall find gold elsewhere, we could take a look at the Cohiba Talisman Limited edition 2017 cigar. The Cohiba name comes from the first original people of the island of Cuba, the Taíno Indians, who used the word “Cohiba” to define the rolled tobacco. IT was Christopher Columbus who discovered this in Cuba in 1492. The Talismán name is magical and in many languages it means good luck and protection to mankind.

Flavor: Medium to full bodied.

This cigar in the picture, the Cohiba Talisman 2017 Limited edition, was the cigar I looked most forward to in 2017, so here it is. The cigar has aged for at least two years and I liked smoking the Talisman from Cohiba. I think it is a friendly cigar as it is not so strong as you might expect. It is actually medium and with a great stability in its flavor. flavors of coffee and leather appears slightly. There is a nice sweetness on the finish as well. While in the Second and final third I experienced awesome complexity- a sweet little mystery. Great Work Cohiba. With this Talisman I wish good luck and protection for all. May you All find your kind of Bitcoin or Talisman 🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬

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